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Snow Parking In Minneapolis

With the recent snow fall we thought it would be a good idea to remind you of the Snow Emergency parking rules in Minneapolis. We want to make sure your car is safe from towing and from plows. To get the latest snow emergency news you can call (612) 348-SNOW (7669) or there’s a snow emergency app that you can download on your phone which will show you a map of where you can park depending on what day of the snow emergency we’re on. You can download that here. The app will NOT tell you when there is a snow emergency so you will have to check the city website or you can sign-up for email, text, phone, or social media alerts on the website.

For a description of the snow emergency parking rules you can go to the city website. You can even look up your street here to see if you can park there or not.

In the unfortunate event that you do get towed the impound lot is located at:

51 Colfax Avenue N, Minneapolis MN 55405

You can make sure your car is there by calling (612) 673-3000. All of the information regarding this lot and when they’re open is here.

In the event that your car gets damaged when parked on the street or just driving on these slippery roads we trust Hagen’s Auto Body for all of our repairs.

Good luck out there on the street and please stay safe!